After Retirement, Wants What?

It was indeed happy, once we know that we can retire with pension money. Especially if it’s big money we retired number. In short, we can not work any money. We live take interest from deposits we have in the bank.

But based on the experience of my friends who recently retired and is now following the entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial university, he retired just three months it was delish. Why? Well, since our activities every day was spent with the wake-sleep, watch tv, joking with the grandchildren, and others. Expires want anything else, because there was no activity. Without any work we do not bother, while still enough money in the bank. At first thought, money is everything. But it turns out that many of us have encountered in the field, they taste the delicious retirement was only three months. After that, he admitted, they become stressed. Because there’s no activity, and time ran out at home for relaxing fun. In fact, before they are used to working. As a result, after retiring his mind so cramped, tired, and stressed.

In my opinion, it’s best if we have retired, there’s nothing wrong we have a variety of activities. Among other things, we can be active in social organizations, active in religious organizations, plunge in the business world. And, maybe that’s when we learn to start a business. we can replicate the entrepreneurial spirit of Colonel Sanders, who at the age of 62 years he was desperate effort to open Kentucky Fried Chicken. This means that the age factor is not a problem for us to make the learning begin business. Age is not a barrier to becoming more successful, even before we had a lot of experience to be an employee or as a professional. In short, its not too late to retire from the business.

Indeed there are retirees who told me, that he runs the pension age, which came to mind was thinking about the hereafter alone. I think reasonable. But, after attending education Entrepreneur University (EU) is a virus or Entrepreneur, he did not just think the afterlife, but also the interests of the world is considered, ie for example by way of entrepreneurship.

“I joined the college was also not give an example to my child, you know even if the father is retired but still want to learn entrepreneurship.” He said. In fact, not only that, he admitted, after the lecture again in the EU spirit of daring passionate life. Moreover, the incoming EU no tests, and no exams, “My life is really excited. That’s because it touches the soul entrepreneur in me, “he added. In fact, when I first entered the EU has no business at all, but now after a virus Entrepreneur, he already has three business units.

I think a lot of examples still retirees initially lackluster again on the move, now I see they already have started to actively entrepreneurship by opening a restaurant, cafe business, business education services, book printing graphic design business, and others. Therefore, I appeal to retirees, let us try to brave entrepreneurship. “Age may be old, but the spirit of entrepreneurship is still young.” You dare to try?

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