Want to Make What More?

Supermarket Business or Self, is currently the trend. Many people who try it. Perhaps the business is promising big profits. But clearly, consumer demand for food and clothing needs continue to rise and can not be met by existing supermarkets.

As an entrepreneur, I took it a try. I gave the name Self-pro market. I scroll past the beginning of December 2001. Actually my goal mendirika Self-pro market is not solely to make a profit or make myself ‘Kaya’ personally. Not that but, I hope the presence of Self-pro market will create ‘new wealth’ that will create lots of new jobs just as the retail business, but also the property business. Self-pro market presence will also increase the price of property will be around a positive impact on the environment. See, when the morning around Jalan Diponegoro busy with banking offices, and other businesses, but that night she arrived, the atmosphere in the city center looks deserted, as though there was no business activity was seen a number of vendors.

Based on the consideration that, that strengthens my resolve and gave confidence that present moment that I need to try this retail business. Moreover, I see, there is no way around the Sports Prince Diponegoro Yogyakarta. Well so, I open the pro market, it turns out this road atmosphere at night to be ‘alive’. The road becomes more crowded, and I’m sure will lure other businesses to enliven with other businesses.

Retail business opportunity is still open. The advantage is very challenging, no less than other businesses. But because this business is still relatively new to me, so rather than stump, I better look for a professional business partner in the field. Because, however, if the business is managed professionally it is impossible not going to be a new core business in the Group’s business Primagama. Even if true, this is not easy, but I believe that armed with optimism, Self-pro market will develop.

Keep going on, optimism is what makes me believe more confident. At first I was not sure this emerging new business, because I have no experience. But armed with my experience Prima Kings opened the restaurant field, which is also absolutely no experience but I finally managed to make happen, then my entrepreneurial spirit was moving well to realize this Self. And, finally materialized as well. Even for a successful business, a step that would prove it.

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