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Peter F. Ducker argues, that everyone can have a career to be an entrepreneur. “There’s no mystery,” he says. Perhaps, entrepreneur life was easier a few years ago. Where, as customers make the neighbors so easy. But I think, now it is different. Market demands more and more, and the quality must be increased. So if we want to live.

But I believe, if we want to pursue as a career as an entrepreneur prospects are very good and very spacious. That is, we can start a business at any time. And, we can sell any product or service. Being, what kind of business we can do, of course, also depends on our ability.

However, from a survey revealed that on average about 44% of entrepreneurs who plunge in business for over 6 years, has had some kind of business that are not interconnected or overlapping. While 35% are entrepreneurs only have one type of business, and 21% more have some kind of business that is related or series.

So how so we can become a successful entrepreneur? From various experiences, I saw that there are 4 characters a person can become a successful entrepreneur, the First, the desire. Where, he uses his desire for something big from small. There was also a desire to create something that has not existed before, and do the will according to the way they want to do.

Second, there is intuition. The opportunity to become entrepreneurs is the same for everyone. There is no IQ test. In fact, if if we are not smart nor hinder to become entrepreneurs. That is, every entrepreneur who succeed are those who have learned to develop intuition.

Third, he has a chance to go on living even in debt. So, every entrepreneur has survived the ups and downs of his career. They never succeed, never fails. Never make money, or lose money, and others. In fact, the debt was always there in every business. I think this is a reality. Because, however, an entrepreneur must learn to adapt to the debt.

Fourth, always optimistic. For example, there are business opportunities, but because there is a more logical, chances are it was not pursued. Because, he has considered with intuition, and cover it with optimism. So, in my opinion, it is the creator and entrepreneur businesses. He made his life by addressing a variety of reasons for not pursuing business opportunities, and then convince others to follow his way.

Therefore, in my opinion, if we want a successful career as an entrepreneur, then just make sure we have all four characters. And, we should never hesitate to go. You dare to try?

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