Success was the Bad Teacher

Robert T. Kiyosaki in his book “Cash Flow Quadrant” of the opinion that real success is a poor teacher. But it applies to ourselves. That is, as entrepreneurs, we really should not sit on our own success. Therefore, it would make us less excited, be creative, make us complacent or arrogant, makes us forget ourselves, not even the possibility of success we achieve will be a boomerang for ourselves. Success, in my opinion, does not mean “time to enjoy”.

Indeed, our success it could plunge us. Moreover, if we are too proud success, it will make us forget ourselves. Therefore, in order that success is not a boomerang for ourselves, then we do have to be very clever to manage success. But, of course, other people could learn from our successes.

That may be. In fact, it can make one’s business success. Because, basically learn from the success of others is legitimate. In short, if a person learns the success of others, it can indeed be a good teacher. Although we can actually learn a lot in people who fail. In this context, I think that we are still enduring businesses can thrive even better in the future, there are times when we need to be aware of this. Or rather, as an entrepreneur should be more considered, that failure is actually the best subjects. Therefore, I think we should do not be too afraid of failure. We learn the most about ourselves when we fail, do not be afraid to fail. Because failure is actually a process we are to be successful, I believe, whose name was actually entrepreneur can not succeed without failure.

For that reason, when we want to start a business or when our business began to grow, but then suddenly go bankrupt or fail, I guess it should not make us discouraged. In fact, that’s when the entrepreneurial spirit we have to bounce back. Because, according to my experience and his other employers, the new brand a success, after they had failed at least seven times. If we have failed two or three times, I think it’s perfectly natural for an entrepreneur.

Properly, entrepreneurs will never get subjects without significant steps. Whether it’s a step that failed or was successful. The steps start from small steps to big steps. In other words, I say a journey of 1,000 km that actually starts with a small step. If we do not dare to start a business or a float, or when our business grow. I find interesting words together that make us think, “Starting stepped not start”. That is, those who dare to start or expand a business, it is better than those who did not dare to start or develop a business.

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