Convection Business Opportunities

In recent years, growing garment business in Indonesia. Despite the economic crisis hit the world, but this one business which is still standing tall. even though there are some businesses out of business for many reasons, not least that it has only begun or is growing.

There are several things that support this convection business continues to grow, as continued increase in population, the number of events or event organization, corporate campaign events even make requests goods production increased convection.

Business is more exciting and passionate in the msa-specific, such as the beginning of the new academic year, ahead of the Eid al-Fitr, During both the legislative election campaign, election, elections, and so forth.

Convection convection equipment and supplies:

1. High Speed ​​Sewing Machine
2. Chain For High Speed ​​Sewing Machine
3. Obras Machine Needles 4
4. Machine Overdeck
5. Machine Cut 10 inch
6. Small Cutting Machine
7. Yarn, fabric and others.
What if you do not understand the problem of convection? You can learn in a few sewing lessons to learn basic cutting fabric, sewing, and others. But if you do not have time, too, you can recruit graduates from the course kit, lulsusan vocational or by advertising the course or in collaboration with a course.

Actually convection international product market is enormous. Today is a very lucrative market is still controlled by China, India. Indonesia itself still could be a producer. Even a lot of imported products flooding Indonesia thus weakening domestic business.

There are several obstacles faced by businesses convection in the country, among others:

Quality of textile and apparel products are generally not able to penetrate the Indonesia market where consumers free tasteful as Japan. This fact also resulted in the price per unit of product is still relatively low.
Garment industry is still dependent on imported components, mainly for producing export quality products.
Apparel industry in Indonesia is still acting as “tailor” for the international brokerage, due to the design, color selection, pieces are still dictated by foreign brokers.
Small garment company in Indonesia has not been involved in garment industry is still heavily dependent on the “conglomerate” that controls most of the export market and upper middle market segment in the country.
Regulating the trade, particularly the distribution of quotas assessed the producers of convection is still far from the “wrong”

To be successful in business convection required incredible patience. Need to learn continuously, because fashion is constantly changing, constantly changing market demand. must smart to innovate products that are not outdated.

In marketing, businesses can advertise services and products in newspapers, blogs, websites or other promotional media.

Congratulations entrepreneurship … good luck

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