Being Entrepreneur, By Accident or By Design?

When abruptly fired from his job, a friend in Bekasi so distraught. Imagine him any misfortune to be suffered. Imagine how difficult to find new employment opportunities. He started thinking about how to make money to pay for rented and support his wife and two children. He was still working in his office, but his brain had started perputar to find a new job. In the next two weeks, starting on the first of next month he had to leave the office. But among the bad news, there is little hope that can be expected. He will get a bit of severance pay which may be risking his life for a while until he found a new job.

When the day arrived, he was really down. The sky collapsed to him. Some weeks he tried to find a new job, but to no avail. When after Dhuhr he got home, his wife give him sweet iced tea and a plate of cake donut. She asked where she bought a cake . She said that she made it herself. He eat donut as he pushed it with iced tea to immediately go into his stomach feels hungry. She tasted delicious cake donut. She realized that she was good at making donuts.

Some days he left home for work, visiting friend’s house who knew there was a love of the job information. In fact, she was ready with any job. But no result. And he returned home. Then it occurred to her cake donut make by her wife yesterday. Dian suddenly he had the idea to make a cake donut business.

After consultation with his wife, he finally started. Three days he search the intricacies information cake donut and buy equipment to start a business. of severance pay earned. The next day she was with desperate he is to produce a simple donut and leave him in the stalls around rented.

And so he began to open his own business, become Entrepreneur donut. In fact he took his brother in the village to come to market.

How many people who start a business with by accident, not on purpose, because the “accident”, or necessity. Then the compulsion was designed to be a more focused, better and more organized. Necessity does not preclude the business to flourish. Even many businesses are designed from the ground instead suffered destruction, due to several factors. Likely to become entrepreneurs, some people have to be in a situation that had to be serious about the process. But not all have to start from this condition. You also are in a comfort zone, could have started his business since he was still working, and had income from two directions.

So how do you start your business? By accident or by design?

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