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Kitchen oxtail, No Need to Fear Evidence of Business oxtail soup business
Do not understand the business at all, Irma desperate early retirement to wrestle oxtail soup culinary business. Now customers reached 70-80 people per day. How tricks?

Various answers will be obtained when people were asked about the status of employees their jobs. But usually there will be one uniform, most likely at the end of their sentences tucked voice complaints or grievances. I do not know about the big salaries, routine drab, uncomfortable work environment, or even to question the nature of co-workers or their leaders. Therefore, Irma Trisnayanti sure if the obsession of every employee is to have your own business. So after nearly 12 years in uniform determination offices round, early retirement and managing the restaurant kitchen oxtail.

“This restaurant is actually my husband’s obsession,” Irma told. Her husband, Indra Riana, is a financial consultant, while he himself was initially held the position of general affairs and human resources at its capital markets. Incidentally they have a hobby, especially oxtail soup, plus hobby roads, and even tracking. Whenever there is time to spare, especially on Saturday and Sunday, they are often looking for a place to eat the famous oxtail soup delicious.

And before it started to open his own restaurant, the couple was walking around Java and Bali tempt any restaurant that provides a menu of oxtail soup one by one. In addition, since the beginning of Indra is often homemade oxtail soup recipes at any family events or invite friends eating So, from hobby to try the recipes themselves.
Oxtail soup food business was steady, with renting a piece of land measuring about 2.5 meters x 8 meters in the number of Malay Kampung Besar, East Jakarta, stood Kitchen oxtail. Special, although the main menu called oxtail soup, but slightly different from the regular menu oxtail soup at other places. That is, from the outset they intend to present the oxtail soup that has been dressed or varied. In addition there are regular oxtail soup and fried oxtail soup is common, there is also a rawon oxtail soup, oxtail soup barbeque or grilled oxtail soup, oxtail soup caramel, soft bones and oxtail soup. When you look the more distant, broth soup served was not clear or thick greasy, but brown. Because after oxtail braised for 4 hours, the water is boiled soup again two or three times until it becomes a savory broth juice and low cholesterol. “Oxtail soup is different, actually my husband creations. Dosing recipes, ingredients, that makes him, if I were, “he said.

According to Irma, variations of oxtail soup menu at each place has its own story. For example, as told, she was born in August 1971 also happened to be love barbeque so thought there was soup with oxtail meat baked with barbecue seasoning, grilled oxtail soup created. The idea of ​​oxtail soup spicy, slightly sweet caramel with a sprinkling of black pepper plus tasty garlic, came when he read recipes caramel flavor. Similarly soft tail soup bones, at first because every time enjoy oxtail soup, they like to gnaw the bones.

The sentence did not know it was love, true. Although the location chosen was pretty crowded, but Irma admitted, about half a year until the first tavern tail with a capital investment of Rp40 million to Rp50 million is not a lot of buyers ogled. Thus, in addition to marketing through word of mouth, they also promoted through brochures, via the internet, and mass media. It turned out quite successful, from the original 10 kg of meat a month run a new tail, now as much as 20 kg can be sold in a day. Especially when it ahead of time on weekends or when the automobile club members were gathered. The rooms were originally only fit 5 tables or 20 seats, has also been expanded, to accommodate 9 pieces table. “The end of 2006 we make grilled ribs menu, and I think the place needs to be expanded,” he said.

Higher raw materials, mentioned, is one of the problems experienced. Understandably, the market price of premium grade beef oxtail occupy and continue to soar. If at the beginning of a new open-range Rp28.000 Rp30.000 now above 50,000. Thus, although buyers are aware of the diverse society, it is impossible to press the selling price oxtail soup which ranges from Rp 20,000-Rp 22.500/porsi. Since 2006 Irma develop menus rib roast barbecue seasoning and make a burger. It means that with a more varied menu, eating the so-called open-plan kitchen shop but implementing it can follow the trend of a growing market, aka reach all walks of life. Thus the options available ranging from low price (menu burger), middle price (oxtail soup), a premium price (rib roast). “In 2007 we also have another new product, sirloin steak, tenderloin steak,” he added.

Another issue surrounding the procurement of raw materials supply constraints consistency ribs and oxtail. In the early days he had to open himself to the market to shop. It was soon resolved when over time come suppliers offering goods. “I’m not a fanatic Problem supplier, but a matter of styles suitable course, and if given three occasions no change passable removed. I wonder, every feast days ahead always no goods. Though I selected suppliers who really have their own farm business, so should be able to keep in stock, “complained Irma.

In addition to both of the above, for Irma practically no other significant difficulties. Like for example, when encountered some frozen vegetables to steak products apparently in a state of disappointment, he immediately decided to replace with homemade products more secure and even cheaper. Similarly, the following sauce mayonnaise, it all homemade recipes created by the hands of Indra anyway.

Although Irma reluctant to mention the exact number of turnover obtained, but the restaurant every day visited by an average of 70-80 people, since two years of the commencement of operations arguably won the hearts of customers. Whereas before he was admitted at all ordinary about the business world. “The first year I learned a lot. Including how to process and presentation is good, “he admits, even now, it is said, to keep him improve and Indra was still tasty snacks often hunt in places other than just looking for comparisons.

Tip-Tip Irma Doing Business:
– Because the hobby, business type selected related closely to the hobby, the restaurant.
– How to get started fairly, including intelligent taste all the famous restaurants oxtail soup
Java and Bali.
– Let a simple but well packed and exciting, like stalls with open kitchen concept.
– Dare to create innovations that may not be appropriate grip, such as making oxtail soup caramel.
– Seeing capabilities in market penetration, if necessary with diversified products such as
burgers, barbeque and steak.
– Do not rest on its laurels, but constantly making efforts to improve the not shy
do a comparison.

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