Rework Coconut Become Sculpture Head

In the hands of an artist, everything can be interesting. Even coconuts can be transformed into a unique sculpture face. As performed Rudi R (40) which showcased his head statue on Jl. Cihampelas, Bandung.

Make a face sculpture of coconut by coconut sculpture artisans Rudi R (40) have to adjust to nature. That is when I have to make the statue’s face, Rudi must adjust to the shape of palm fruits acquired whether oval or round.

“I can not make as I want, but must be adapted to the shape of palm,” said Rudi when found was a statue on the outskirts Cihampelas Street.

Rudi does not make one type of face alone. She made many types of sharing country faces. For example, the face of the Indians, India, and the last he was making faces shaolin. “If it means a rounded head shape shaolin. If oval or oval head shape meant for Indians,” said Rudi.

Therefore, Rudi sometimes rejected if there is a certain order to make the face. Because coconut is available does not necessarily correspond with the order. But admittedly Rudi made any face shape, the buyer also liked.

To attract buyers, not infrequently made sculpture artist Rudi on the rise. For example, he once made a set of sculptures personnel ST 12 and Peter Pan even John Lennon glasses. “I’ve also made a statue of Megawati,” said Rudi.

For another young permintaanya. They want a statue in the Mohawk style hairstyle. But most buyers eyeing sculptures parents face.
(Ema / ern)

Bandung – Creating sculptures from wood are common. But what if the statue is made from coconuts? In the hands of Rudi R (40), it is not impossible. Rudi managed to turn coconuts into the face of a unique sculpture.

“Not the usual coconut,” Rudi said that every day selling on the sidewalk Cihampelas Street.

In Sundanese, oil used is called taboo, whereas in the Java language called sterile. Taboo or childless can say sodden or coconut oil is not so, because it has a small coconut shell and has no coconut meat. The villagers usually use this type of oil to fuel fireplace (torches).

“At first I used coconut from the market, I’m Rudi who pursue this hobby since four years ago., But he had a hard time making sculptures since a large coconut shell hit. Finally, to get a good coconut, Rudi consult the Banjar and Ciamis. They suggested that Rudi using taboo that has a smaller coconut shell.

Once tested, Rudi was convinced this is the right type of oil for the hobby channel. Finally Rudi steady pick taboo and up to now buy this type of oil or Ciamis Banjar society.

Experiments with coconut kind taboo statue is not immediately successful. To get the desired result, Rudi initially forced to sacrifice some if the carved coconuts failed.

Originally Rudi just make the statue’s head just a normal anatomy. The process of formation of nasal recognized Rudi was the most difficult. If this process fails then it is difficult to change because it can not be patched.

Could be due to normal. The longer the statue’s head Rudi’s work progress. Especially since Rudi decided to sell his work at Suburban Road Cihampelas, upon the recommendation of the buyer, Rudi started creative by giving a beard, mustache, and hair on the statue. So the result is so similar to a human face.

“In the past, some are wearing sunglasses or a hat,” said Rudi.

Rudi tool that is simple enough to use only a small knife. He immediately poured what was in his mind without seeing the image of the object to be created. “You should see the picture but complicated,” he said.

Not as easy as it looks. According to Rudi she could spend 4-5 hours for the statue’s head. In one day Rudi could only finish two statues.

“It was still in the rough,” said Rudi. Because if you want the finished sculpture smooth and really like the original it could take up to two days. But for the important Rudi statue he has stock for sale. The statues are sold from the lowest price of Rp 25 thousand to Rp 200 thousand.

The sculptures are on display in the trunk, so it is easy to see the pedestrians and motorists on the highway passing Cihampelas Street. Rudi usually sell for half of the day starting at 12:00 to 18:00 pm.

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