Nov 01

Gardening Longan

Karachi – Raising tropical fruit is one of the businesses in the agricultural sector which has bright prospect. Among litchi fruit cultivation pingpong. The advantages of this plant, can be grown in different areas of land, and is suitable for planting in various places in Indonesia.

One farmer who has successfully developed pinpong longan is Yosef, on land in the Jomin, Falkirk, West Java.

Here Yosef pingpong longan trees planted ten years ago. Currently, almost all of litchi trees he planted have been fruitful. So when I entered the garden, longan fruit looks where – where.

Litchi cultivation pingpong uncomplicated. Can be grown in a pot or in the field. Seeds imported from Thailand. Before planting, the soil processed first and manure.

Pingpong longan trees begin to bear fruit after the age of 8 months, much faster than other types of litchi, which takes 1.5 years. The resulting fruit is also larger and more.

Within a year, pingpong longan tree can bear up to three times. So that the fruit does not fall in the wind and eat bats, before cooking, litchi fruit on the tree covered transparent plastic. Seeing longan fruit ripe on the tree, I was so keen to taste.

In these gardens, not just planting longan Yosef pingpong, but also other varieties of litchi flavored durian seedlings originating from Vietnam. Just like pingpong longan, litchi fruit durian is great.

Longan tree can bear fruit until the age of two years. Each tree can produce as much as two pounds of longan fruit. Before leaving, I was given the opportunity to harvest longan fruit heart’s content. And it turns out, picking longan fruit on the tree is very enjoyable.

Nov 01

Gardening Red Guava

Gardening Red Guava
It is a stretch of red guava plants or red guava. More than 6 thousand red guava tree planted in an area of ​​5 hectares.

Gardening red guava is one business in the lucrative agribusiness. Demand is quite stable because guava contains vitamin A and C are required for human health.

One of those concerned with the red guava plantation is Sutanto, in the Subang, West Java. To reach the location of Jakarta to Jakarta via toll road Cipularang, Sadang exit at the toll booth. After passing through the rubber plantations and sugar cane, came in red guava orchard locations in District Cipunegara, Subang, West Java.

Guava trees here have an average age of between 1 to 3 years, so that almost every tree has produced fruit. Red guava tree, very well planted in a cool air, or on land that contains a lot of water.

Guava seedlings obtained through crossbreeding. The process can be done by grafting. Red guava is grown are five types of brittle or gt. The surplus, thicker flesh. In order to obtain good yields, guava plants must be given organic fertilizer.

After 7 months of planting, guava tree started out flowers, ready to bear fruit. In order to produce a lot of fruit, some guava fruit teat should be discarded. Guava fruit at this estate is not wrapped, as rare insects, so the fruit is left in a condition safe open.

Each guava tree, can produce as much as 40 pounds of fruit a year. Guava harvest, done in a week 2 times. Guava plants will continue to bear fruit for 10 years, as long as the tree does not die. Red tassel generated marketed to Jakarta, Bandung, and Central Java.