Jul 25

What to Spend Your Money on to Boost your Trade Show Booth Success

“If you have the opportunity to showcase your small business at a trade show, you know you are in for a real make or break opportunity. You are going to be able to present yourself in front of the powers that be, the movers and shakers in your industry, and the competition will be right here in front of you. You need to stand out, and having a limited budget is not a good enough excuse for why you aren’t capitalizing big time. You need to use your money wisely; where a bigger company could just throw money at everything, you need to budget and be smart. Here are some tips to doing just that, making the most out of your trade show budget and winning.

1. Free Souvenir Give-Aways

Spend money to make money: get something that the consumers can latch onto – literally. You must have something at your booth that the customer can take away even if they aren’t a paying customer just yet. If you can’t have them buy today, or if your product isn’t something they even can buy necessarily at the trade booth, you’ll waste both of your time unless they leave with something that they can use to google you as soon as they get home. If they have a cool mini laser pointer or bottle opener key chain with your logo and website on it, they will have you as a part of their life going forward. They will absolutely not forget about you. It is indeed an outlay of money that you won’t directly recoup, but it’ll be worth it in the long run for sure.

2. Sharp Dressed Ladies

It’s true whether you’re a modern woman or not, so don’t fight it. Having an attractive sales person or sales team WILL attract more people to your booth, guaranteed. Both women and men prefer talking to a nice looking woman. A good looking guy can be added in to the mix too, why not, but the female is essential, and worth paying for if you don’t have someone in your team who fits the bill. It may be harsh, and you may think your product is so great that it can transcend simple degrading facts like this, but trust me, you’re wrong and I’m right.

3. Professionalism from top to Bottom

You want a good looking sales team, but you also need great looking sales materials. You don’t want to look like you got your 8-year-old twins to bang out a sign, you want it to look like a MadMen ad exec spent his entire vacation carefully crafting your image. You’ll definitely want to invest in the typical trade show materials to compete with the big boys, and getting banners and a trade show banner stand from the The Display Outlet is a really easy way to take care of that issue easily and affordably. You have only one chance to make a first impression, and that impression must be “these guys are in it to win it.” Anything less will be a waste.

Aug 07

Variable Universal Life Insurance

What Is A Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance: In the decades of the 70s and 80s, were introduced to the market these two additional types of permanent insurance. More detailed information you can find on this site

Variable Universal Life Insurance
The variable universal life insurance quotes is a policy that combines certain features of universal life insurance, such as flexibility in premiums and death benefit, with some features of variable life insurance, as higher investment options. This protection can help you:

-Protect the financial well being of your loved ones or accumulate assets to fund your retirement
-Keep your estate to protect the standard of living of your family from the effects of taxes and inflation
-Transfer your assets, property or business to the next generation

A universal life policy also offers an excellent choice to help your family prepare for the unexpected. Provides a flexible premium variable benefit to have the option to change your coverage as your needs change.

Also, as you pay the premiums, it can accumulate in the account value grows tax deferred until you need it. You decide the amount of life insurance benefits and premium payments and protects your loved ones from financial hardship in the event of the unexpected.

The life insurance benefits are generally exempt from federal income tax to the beneficiary. Therefore it is desirable to win while protecting his family. We guarantee that the interest rate on which grows in the account value will never fall below a defined level. The growth in cash values ​​is achieved by deferred taxes under current law the federal income tax.

Look here for more explanation on these issues or put your details in the form above, to be attended by a life insurance agent (life insurance agent)