May 07

How our savings are taxed

When we think of the taxes we pay to the IRS, usually we come to a head on labor income and capital gains. However, when calculating what we will pay in respect of income tax, we must not, among the latter, also include those obtained by our savings, and depending on the amount, may pose a greater or lesser amount to pay.

Since the income tax season is just around the corner, you should start making numbers and get an idea of ​​what we’re going to pay for this item, to take no surprises when it comes time to pay taxes to the Treasury.
tax brackets

We produce yields interest we have received from interest-bearing accounts and deposits are distributed in the following sections:

- Between 0 and 6,000 euros, will pay 21%.

- Between 6000.01 and € 24,000 spent 25%

- Finally, if the amount is greater than 24,000 euros, will pay 27%.

This retention is practiced Treasury when we receive the interest, and is done automatically. Therefore, if we have given our savings, for example, $ 1,000, 210 will go to spoil to state coffers and 790 will be credited to our account.

Fiscally interesting options

With this in mind, not all savings products are as interesting as they might seem at first, since the interest we earn, we subtract the retention of Finance.

Currently, from the fiscal point of view, one of the most attractive options are mutual funds because they do not pay taxes towards them until they are redeemed. In addition, such funds will allow us to transfer capital to other funds without paying anything to the Treasury, which makes the product even more interesting.

Nov 06

Family Business, Many Success Story Begins On Garage

Underwent a successful family business and, occasionally, never imagined by someone. The family of a successful entrepreneur is never imagined it would spread business because they started the business from a very small scale.

According to the founder and owner of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk Boenyamin Setiawan success pioneering pharmaceutical family business to become a public company today originated much of a coincidence.

Build Kalbe Farma, which is now so big is not easy to admit, but everything is run off although initially run a lot by trial and error.

He admitted that he had failed to establish how many times the pharmaceutical industry he was on his return from college in the U.S. on a scholarship. Starting from the Eagle Cap product mimics a Cap Beo, Drug Kina and others have all failed.

Amid failure, he plans to work in the Netherlands, but nevertheless he did because confronted by her brother who is a doctor. From this change his fate, after her brother’s acquaintance have shop in Tanjung Priok he get the location of the prospective plant a car garage.

“It was a company car garage. If you want to start a business out of the garage, is experienced by entrepreneurs the world, in fact succeed,” he said on the show Family Business seminar at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Thursday (11/11/2010).

The first business Kalbe Farma, he begins with a worming product. Of business profits, he played again a big investment and so on until today.

He said as a family company, established two years Kalbe Farma has drawn up the business philosophy of the company’s business base Kalbe Farma. Professionalism thinks it is important for the company to keep the family going.

That is the first company should continue to grow like plants, the development of science and technology must be robust, management professionalism, and promote unity among 5 other brother.

More or less the same story experienced by the founder and owner of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk Mooryati Soedibyo who claimed never thought a cosmetics entrepreneur. Success story was started from a car garage to house a small factory at the beginning of doing business.

“The effort begins with rice kencur, starting also from the garage,” he said.

Mooryati said business through the recognition of the family has its challenges, especially when the next leadership succession kegenerasi. Mustika Ratu herself has entered the second generation phase.

He said the existing family of companies, only 40% survived, while that can grow into a large and multinationals only 5% only.

“Human resource is very important in running a family business,” he said.

He said not all about leadership succession could hit rate, in some cases such as Bosowa Group succession was taken by the eldest son Aksa Mahmud, while Garuda Food succession falls precisely into the hands of children-12, while the owner James Riady Lippo was the second child of seven children.

“So the first child does not necessarily want,” he said.

Meanwhile, the founder and owner of Bosowa Group Aksa Mahmud said the story was originally built a business empire Bosowa Group only of the intention of creating a better life.

Regarding the regeneration process in the family business, will usually occur when the problem started happening succession to the second generation and the next because of differences in perspective. So he said, the best way is to build a family business into a public company and a portion of shares must equal division among family members.

“With the entry into the capital market, the family of interference can be overcome,” said Aksa.

He also said that the regeneration can be taken from the child as well as professional employees. Although he is more inclined to be a family business put on the son of the owner of the regeneration of the family firm.

“How to set up a replacement of the founder. Whether taking a family of children or employees. If a child is at the best afford it,” he said.